Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Know you're a mom when....

It's Wednesday again!  Time for the second installment of
Arizona Mamma, over at Our Daze in The Desert hosts this fun little meme.
In her words, she writes, "As parents, we constantly find ourselves saying things that we just can't quite believe came out of our mouths, or misting up over a few scribbles on a page, or finding ourselves in situations that could only be the result of having offspring.

It seems to me, that I fit under the category of "finding ourselves in a situation that could only be the result of having offspring" on all too frequent of occasions. 
What is it about my children? 
And yet, somehow, I know I am not alone. 
Please tell me this happens to you all of the time too?! 
It will make me feel so much better.
Please don't tell me that there is a nifty little invention that locks the toilet lid!
I am fully aware of that..but I also have doors and figure they work great. 
If they are closed!
And I stress IF!
Is it really that hard to shut a door, people!
So, sit back and relax as you travel "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" here at the Peanut Gallery.
We seem to travel there on a regular basis!

If you couldn't see the above video you can watch it HERE.

I'm sure that some of you have a few lingering questions?
If you are speculating whether or not I kept my face lotion..
That stuff cost me $30.00!!
And, while I know that is cheap in comparison to some creams out there...the purchase was painful.
However, for visibly younger-looking skin with an appearance that's more resilient to aging.
It was worth it.
All $30.00 of it!

If you were wondering who's toothbrush L-boy was knawing and salivating on...
It was D-man's.
Mine was still tucked safely in the drawer...turned on...but unscathed. (I think)

You may be wondering if I have heard of speech therapists, after hearing J-boy's monologue about all the previous times this has happened. 
Why yes, I have.
In fact, he recently graduated from speech therapy with flying colors.
However, in the exthitement of the thituation he mutht have had a relapthe.

And finally, was the toilet flushed, you ask?
Yes!  Hallelujah!
Because that is pretty much a crap shoot.
In this house, you never know what will greet you from the oval office when you open the lid.


Sonora said...

Hahahaha! First, I have to say that I love that song. It is one of my favorites. Next, I laughed so hard watching this. What is it with kids and the toilet and for that matter what is it with them and gnawing on someone else's toothbrush? Yuck!
I understand about the face cream. I had to put all of my stuff up on the counter until we got the house toddler proofed. If she got anywhere near the lotion she would spread it all over herself from head to toe!

Arizona Mamma said...

I can't get over how calm you are in this. I kept thinking "maybe it's because she's recording it." But I have things like this happen nearly every day (you know, since I keep such close tabs on them), and I am never so gentle with my reaction. How did you manage that?

sheila said...

I would of kept the lotion too! lol.
This is just sooooo funny, lol! great post! ha ha

The JAMC Johnsons said...

Oh, I almost died laughing. And, heck yeah, that has happened to me many times. You are, most assuredly, not alone.

Robin said...

I wouldve kept it funny...great song for this video...LMAO..yes Ive been there too..!

Precious 3 said...

So wait, did he put the toothbrush in the toilet, and THEN in his mouth? LOL Oh my. I'm sorry, I'm still laughing over here. I don't blame you for wanting to save the lotion! What about the hair brush? Did you sanitize it, or dump it? We've had some bathroom mishaps, but not to this degree! I sympathize with you, why can't people remember to close that bathroom door?? Happens here all the time.

Carrie said...

Laughing here in TX!!!

Thanks so much for posting the link to YouTube! I'm still having issues viewing videos on blogs ... perhaps it's my internet filter.

Rebekah said...

Ha Ha- we loved this and your accent "Holy cow"

bbcd mama said...

Ok, I had to stop about 5 seconds in. Julie, I love you, but I'm still scarred from your poop explosion photos, leaving me terrified to continue on with the video!

Dan and Shell said...

Jul, I love those boys!! L-boy is obsessed with toilets eh?! I have to agree with the above the heck do you stay so calm?! I would have been yellin' up a storm!! I can learn from this video, and hope next time I can shrug it off to "You know your a mom when...."!! Love you!

3LittleMonkeys said...


"Crud", "Oh my Goodness", and "Golly" are not words that would have come out of my mouth! I guess after the shock wears off all you can do is laugh! That's great that you have it captured on camera so you can look back and laugh, one day!

Shannon said...

Okay how funny is that that you call it the Oval office? That is a good one and I'm going to have to remember it!

CJ Sime said...

Oh my.

CJ Sime said...

(my first comment was a stunned silence.)

Seriously that song was the perfect choice.

Love this post. Excuse me while I send it to all my friends.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Love it! I lost a bunch of my make-up a few days ago to the same catastrophe. Ah, well. Kids.

Seizing My Day said...

*sigh* if it is not the kids...
it is the DOG ~
in my house...
last week he chewed more than $100 worth of items... leashes, shoes, clothes..
life is entertaining!!! =) of course I could think of better entertainment! ha ha!

JoeyRes said...

I can't believe your toothbrush made it through all of that.

Melissa said...

O Good Lord! After seeing this, and by the way laughing my butt off! I am wandering why this has not happened to me yet!? and praying it never will! You are just too funny!

Laura said...

Hahahaha who is watching that kid!?!? Totally kidding...I had a bathroom and toilet full of opened tampons the the other day. sigh. Don't you wish you could be in there heads when they are doing that to see what they are thinking! But really how can you be mad at a cute little face like that!? He looked so innocent! :)

Rebecca said...

haha LOL for sure. I'll even add in a little oh my!
I jumped when I looked at your blog title b/c I just finished posting You know your a mom when...
Well come by to see what I mean.
Thanks for sharing this. I needed a good laugh.

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