Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Somebody has a serious problem.


Somebody in this house has some serious issues....


Like I said...somebody in this house has some serious issues!


Arizona Mamma said...

I am cracking up! That is hilarious.

Angie Field said...

Oh dear! I just love the fact that you took photos. xx

Eileen said...

OH, ick! The other day, Maya was in the bathroom, and by the sound of things, having obvious intestinal issues. I asked her if she was O.K. and she grunted, "Fine. Just doing number 4."

We still laugh about that. Sometimes number 2 just doesn't even begin to describe it. She skipped right over number 3 right to the extreme case of the dreaded number 4!

I think a glove would have to be a number 5.

Hen Jen said...

ha ha! and groan!

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