Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tweet me!

So, maybe I'm still living back in 2007.
Maybe these have been around for years now.
Is this a sign of the times?
Today S-girl asked me what her sweetheart said.
"Text me", I read in disbelief!
Of course, she ate it and so I decided to look through the box and see if I could find another.
I know that everyone (with the exception of myself and D-Man) "texts".
But still, people! Is that romantic. Aren't these suppose to be little sweet nothings that you would whisper in someone's ear?
I read somewhere that NECCO has been making conversation hearts since the civil war.
It's hard to imagine Abraham Lincoln tucking a "text me" heart into Mary Todd Lincoln's pocket!
I remember in 2nd grade a boy put a "be mine" heart on my desk.
Of course, I gave him a dirty look!
So I pick through each heart and am disappointed when I don't find another "Text me".
But then, I found this sweet nothing. This one takes the cake!
tweet me
Now that's HOT!

Has anyone noticed the sweethearts just don't taste the same!
What is that new flavor?
Almost reminiscent of gargling with Pine-sol.
Or maybe I just got a bad batch!

For the first time in its 145-year history, the American public was invited to participate in an online survey to decide which phrases of love would appear on conversation hearts in 2010. The winners include: "Tweet Me," "Text Me," "You Rock," "Soul Mate," "Love Bug," and "Me + You." Bet you didn't know that 8 billion conversations hearts will be made this year.
And that there folks, was your history lesson for the day!
You're Welcome!


CalgaryDaddy said...

Ohhh...I have not have those hearts in 25 years! Yum!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I didn't realize you were a fellow blogger until just now :). Love your pictures and tutorials. I'll have to tell Jono since he's the photographer in our fam. I agree w/ you on the conversation hearts. What is the world coming to? Tweet me?!

Cop Mama said...

Ha! Too funny, I would have been surprised to see that too! Sorry, haven't actually ate one of those in a long time.

Love your blog! Great pics too!

Arizona Mamma said...

I always loved these things. I remember one time my mom brought a box of them home for me out of the blue. My parents didn't give us a ton of cany when we were kids, so the memory stuck. I haven't eaten them in a while, so I am not sure of the flavor. The tweet me? Seriously?

The Spear Clan said...

I ate one today that said "BFF". I agree that they taste different, I think the old version tasted similiar to Pepto Bismol (YUCK) and the new ones taste more fruity of something!! The girls and I actually just had a discussion this afternoon about the fact that those things now taste different, Wow, I think I need more adult interaction!

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