Monday, March 8, 2010

Mom n' Me Monday

mom n me jpeg

Welcome to Mom n' Me Monday.
My new tradition.
Will I post this every Monday?
Most likely NOT!
But, I needed something to inspire me to git-r-done!
Because, way back in January, when I was making my New Year's resolutions,
I decided that I didn't have enough pictures with me and my lovely children together.
In fact, I could count the number on one hand.
O.K., maybe two hands.
But I like to exaggerate.
As many of you know, it is usually us moms who are standing behind the camera.
I decided to join a "52 weeks" mom's group on flickr, that focused on mommy and me photos.
They never invited me to join.
So, needless to say, it is now 56 days later, and I really only have 2 pictures.
They were in my last post.
And those were taken by my lovely sister, on a day when L-boy was not really in a picture kind of mood.
D-man never even considers taking pictures.
It just doesn't even cross his mind.
So, while at the park this weekend, I decided to shove the camera in his face and told him to take a picture of me and my baby!
He obliged.
This is the outcome.

mom n me
I like it!
I like it, a lot!
I did a little photshopping on this picture. Just a few color adjustments, and a major crop!
See those wispy dark curls over on the right side edge of the picture.
There sat a lovely little girl.
Smiling like she was the star of the picture.
Only problem being that she had an old, dried blood trail creeping out of one nostril.
Not cute. And distracting I might add.
I would show you the picture but I feel I should protect her identity.
You will understand why when you see these next few shots.
I will just lead up to this by saying, if any of you have taken a photography class, you know that it is important to really keep the "focus" of the picture just that....the FOCUS.
You want to try and remove any extraneous objects that will distract from the FOCUS!
Am I right? Are you with me?
It will save a lot of energy and time.
Seriously, the better the picture to begin with, the less time you will have to spend on editing. And who has extra time and energy?
Not me!

mom n me 2
A wee bit distracting!

mom n me 3
Oops, still there!

mom n me 4
Obviously, D-man has not honed his photography skills. Wink wink

mom n me 5
As I viewed the pictures, I asked in disbelief, "Didn't you see that little girl's derriere?"
To which he quickly responded, "I was completely focused on you, babe!"

As it should be!

And, babe...thanks for trying...practice makes perfect!

So, how about it! Are you inspired to take more picture of you and your spawn? I would love to see them! They don't even have to be staged. Real life is best, isn't it! Let's not even worry about how we look! Feel free to link back to me. But feel free NOT to also. This is not a Meme. In fact, I still haven't figured out who came up with that word. Very strange! How do you even pronounce it...MEE MEE, MEEM, MAY-MAY?

Edited 2/10/10- I will add a MckLinky with next Monday's post. So get your mom n' me picture ready!!

As much as L-boy would like to believe that he is the only child, I do have other children. :)


3LittleMonkeys said...

Great photos! That is such a good idea. I barely have any pics of the kids and I! When I get one, I'll post it, promise!

Love the little bum crack!

Arizona Mamma said...

I am so inspired...nothing like a little crack to get me going!

Geerts said...

So funny plumber butt behind you! I guess those shots wont be framed anytime soon! You should submit it to Ellen DeGeneres show! you know the whats wrong with this picture thing she does.

Angie Field said...

How funny!! I'm with you, I am always behind the camera and maybe I should venture out from behind the lens once in a while. x

Jocelyn said...

Ok that is completely did he miss that booty in the background??? Oh, well it makes for an amusing blog post anyway:-)

Arizona Mamma said...

I just had to come back to tell you how funny your short comment was on 3littlemonkeys. I am dying. I know it was a typo but it couldn't have worked out any better! Seriously, it's killing me. I mean really, who needs to wash their shorts more often than once every two weeks? Oh hell, for that matter, why wash your underwear any more often than once a week?

Eileen said...

Oh, that is so funny!

Great end photo though!

Lula Lola said...

Brilliant! Great idea. I took a picture yesterday because of your suggestion. I posted it today. Maybe I'll actually do it with a camera instead of a phone next week! ;)
By the way, I love how your husband was unaware of the little girl's behind. Great comeback from him though!

Cheryl said...


Great idea to be intentional about taking pictures of you WITH the kids. I don't have many pictures of me with the children when they were small. Wish I had read this then. :)

Also, welcome, again to the High Calling Blogs network.

Stephanie said...

That first one id perfect! And the others.... I am "cracking" up! Wow, I'm a dork.

lovingmylife said...

What a great idea! Thanks for stopping by, I feel so lonely without a computer. Is that really sad? My sister is letting me use hers for a little while today and I'm hoping we can get a new one soon! Thanks. I really needed a friendly note yesterday. :-)

Sonora said...

Hahahahaha! The little crack in the back is hilarious. But seriously, you and your son look so sweet. I have this same problem of not being in any pictures, but then when my husband gets the camera, it is at the end of the day when my hair and face are greasy and my makeup is smeared and lets just say it aint pretty.
He did take some last night that aren't too bad (the babies are mostly blocking me :) ) that I think I will post tomorrow.

Tracy said...

Thanks, you gave me a good laugh on a rough day!! Love the final picture.

Hen Jen said...

that is hysterical! He gave a good answer, though! Unfortunately, my youngest is often sporting such a look, it's hard to find pants that fit her and then she pulls them low.

love the final edit!

CalgaryDaddy said...

Can Dad's join in on the Mom and Me Monday?


Melis said...

I am totally in for the Mommy 'n Me idea... in fact, I'm working on my post already - sure you don't want to make it a Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmeeeemmmememememmeme? I know loads of people who'd participate! And the photos of you and your little are adorable - random crack and all!

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