Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doesn't everyone need a camera strap cover?

Ahem...there just might be be a give-away involved.

It happened yet again.
I call it my "craft urge".
On Sunday, my
sister and I made our way to the brand new Joanne's Fabric Store. We were armed with about 15 coupons each.
Why, you ask?
Because it's coupon commotion week, of course.
However, this visit was different.
I knew exactly what I wanted to make.
I was not going to be drawn in by all the bells and whistle's.
I was not going to buy fabric to make an apron. (I did)
I was not going to buy baby onesies with the cutest little iron-ons you've ever seen. (I did)
I was going to buy material to make myself two, padded, camera strap covers.
If you own a larger camera, you know that those camera straps DIG.
Yeah, that's right, DIG!
I didn't want fabric that was too cutesy.
I don't want to come across as the complete amateur that I am.

So, I settled on these two textiles.
Don't these just have "I'm serious about taking pictures" written all over them?
Or not!
But, it don't matter.
I like em'.
I used this simple Simon tutorial from Cluck.Cluck.Sew.

I sewed those babies up. I guess I thought I might like "different occasion" camera straps.
I named them "Paisley" and "Shasta".
Boy, do they ever feel luxurious on my neck.

But after I slid Paisley on. I realized, I wouldn't be changing her ever again!! It was a bit of a snug fit. That being said, "Shasta" is looking for a home.

And that is where YOU come into the picture. (no pun intended)
I had this great idea to give one to you!
No, I never plan on selling these.
I am not a seamstress.
I do not guarantee my work.
But, hey, who would turn down a lovely little camera strap, padded with a fleecy soft baby blanket.

O.K., you might if you hated the color.
Or, if you don't have a camera strap to cover.
Or, if you like naked camera straps.
But other than those reasons, I can't see why you wouldn't want this.

It fits a camera strap that is 22 inches long and no more than 2 inches wide.
The red on the strap is quite a bit deeper than it shows in the picture.

So go ahead, leave a comment and you will automatically be entered into my very first give-away.

I might add, that your chances are very good!
Being that this is just an eensy-weensy baby blog, just barely born!
You have through Thursday to enter.

And because this is the "Peanut Gallery". I must add a picture of this peanut!

Something about it is deeply disturbing.
I think I'll name it.."The calm before the storm"

Don't all families own a machete?

I'll be adding a Mr. Mcklinky to next week's Mom n' Me Monday post.
So get in the picture, mamma!
I'd love to see them!


Stephanie said...

Ha! I love that you named them!
I have a nikon d5000, its heavy and would love to have this pretty strap! You did a great job!

Sonora said...

Hahaha! I love the machete! This picture is classic. I would love one of those camera straps. They are so cute. I can't even sew on a button, let alone a strap cover!
I am excited for the Mom n' Me Monday link up. I think you may have started something great.
Do you have a button? I would love to put one on my site, but I'm not seeing one.

Eileen said...

I had the fleeting thought that I might make one of these, but if I win one, then that would be even better!

3LittleMonkeys said...

That camera strap is an awesome don't be afraid to draw MY name, mkay? Just don't send me the machete along with it.

Jocelyn said...

My camera strap is naked and needs one of these...bad!!! They are so stinkin adorable...things are just better with a name:-)

Ann said...

D80 for me, love the thing to death, and it's not at all pretty (yet!)

Arizona Mamma said...

I would REALLY like to have that strap. Not only is it super cute, it's made by one of my favorite people in the blog world!

The Bookworm said...

Absolutely adorable!

I really think I need to have one of the straps here to show off to all of our military fmaily & friends. Ain't nothing like living on a military base when you have something cool like that! ;) ha ha!

Laura said...

Are you kidding, you could totally sell those...they are so cute!! I am getting my very first big girl camera so I *need* a camera strap. :) I love the names by the way!

Geerts said...

Awesome strap!

Angel said...

Awesome!! Great job!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

please explain how to use the coupons, i am new to sewing and need alot. i have a nikon d40 and love it

Lynn said...

Great job! I love Shasta...very cute.

Mrs. Bushey said...

Cute camera strap! I attempted to make one of my own but it didn't turn out that good.

Sailor and Co said...

The red hair is beautiful :)

*Jess* said...

If I don't win one, I'm sure going to make my mom make me one!

Kimberly5 said...

That is Awesome! I just got my very first SLR camera (Nikon D90) last week :)
You could totally sell those.

lovingmylife said...

Great job on the strap. I am really hoping to have my very own computer to upload a photo for your Monday blog post! Hoping...not holding my breathe. :-)

JalenasMommy said...

Adorable!! I wish I was crafty!! I would love to win one for my Nikon D40! :)

Angie Field said...

Too cute and a great idea. I also made one a little while ago, they are a must for those heavier cameras. Nice job!

Krissy said...

Love the fabrics you chose!! I'm so in!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love it!!!!! I would love to win, 'cause my camera strap is naked and, because it is snowing once again her in Nebraska, it would like to be covered in style... I love your blog, I have stopped by a few times, and I love the scary machete picture and all of peanut's red hair. We have a red ehad, so I am partial that way! Thanks for the chance to win

Jenny said...

Love it!!! The picture of J-boy is sooo cute...i need it for my fridge. So you don't have to enter me...because i don't have that fancy of a camera...yet!!!

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