Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Horizons....on the horizon!

The other day I just happened to make my way outside to throw a dirty diaper in the garbage. (I swore off diaper genie's after S-girl). As I turned to go back in ,I heard my husband talking. Hmmm, that is interesting, I thought. I wonder who he is talking to? Being a contractor, he often has guys come to pick up their payment. I walked out of the garage and there he was, looking down over the hillside longingly. Wistfully, he spoke again and I heard him say,

"Don't worry, we will be together soon." I must admit. I was a bit dumbfounded.

"Honey, who in the flip are you talking to?"

He points down the hillside, wistfully, and replies, "Her, the New Horizon!"

I should have known. And when did "it" become a "she"?

He brought "her" home at the end of the summer.

I had not seen her.

According to him, she was in "pristine" shape.

To me, she was $8000.00 less than anything else he had looked at. So I said, "Go for it!"

*****Fastforward to our initial meeting.*****

A friend and I were headed to a barn bazaar so D-man caught a ride with us to pick her up.

I had a quick peek inside. Remember, at this point it is already a done deal. I gazed up only to see a water-stained ceiling, with paint peeling off in huge sheets.

I instantly averted my eyes only to see a putrid beigy carpet. A darker "trail" ran through the carpet as if to say "WALK HERE"!

I looked up at the bed and was greeted by what looked like a 20 year old futon mattress. It came with its own body imprint! At this point I might have thrown up in my mouth.

" foot!"

I left to go shop!

This is what I love about my husband. He wears a permanent pair of rose colored glasses. He sees the POTENTIAL, not the ACTUALITY! He drinks from a cup that is always half full.

Have I mentioned that I love him, and wouldn't have it any other way! (Well, except when it comes to old, rusty, New Horizon's.)

He fixed that baby up, new ceiling, new mattress, new floor..and I must admit she is kind of cute. At least on the inside, and that's all that counts...right?

He's all proud when we pass one of those big ole' R.V.'s.

He often waves and honks.

At which point, I HIDE!

His dream is to take her out on the road. Just him and I.....AND THE 4 KIDS.

We are not talking about a day, or a week.

A month or more would be his dream.

He's waiting for me to come around.

I'm sure I will...I usually do.

So if you see a lovely cream, with brown and orange striping, toyota R.V. driving down the highway, could you please honk. It would make D-man's year! You probably won't see me. I'll be laying on the floor.

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Eileen said...

We rented an RV for a week-long trip down the Oregon coast and the kids still talk about how much fun they had. They knew we were going on a trip, but when we stopped to get Subway sandwiches, Lyle said he was going to go fill the truck up with gas, but was really going to pick up the RV. When he pulled up, one of the kids said, "Wow, that guy in there looks just like Dad!" They were so excited to see that it WAS Dad! We'd been driving for about an hour when Madeline said, "This is nice, but I'll miss the truck."

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