Thursday, January 21, 2010

King Toot

Yes, I know that my posts have focused on L-boy. No, he is not my only child. He just acts like he is.

Senor L-boy has been a toot for 3 days.

Case in point...

While riding in the car, to take C-boy to school yesterday, he made it well known to his fellow man that he was not to be looked at, or touched.

If C-boy even turned his head in King Toot's direction, he cried.

I have NO idea what THAT was all about. Maybe he was upset that he hadn't had a chance to brush his hair. Maybe his diaper was in a wad. I mean, really, why in the world would a 1 year old, who gets his every need met, on command, be so upset!

Later in the day, J-Boy asked why L-boy only likes me, his dear mother.

Apparently, in King Toot's book of rules, I may not leave his sight...even to go to the bathroom.

Today he threw a massive tantrum when my dear D-man literally ripped him from my legs while I was..ahem...going to the bathroom.

Tonight, I was demonstrating to D-man what it is like to have a "leach" on your leg. Yes, sad but true. I sat on the floor and wrapped myself around his leg. I pulled on his pants and whined up at him. (of course, he snickered and said he wouldn't mind me hanging on his leg all day). Anyway, I kid you not, within 10 seconds L-boy had made his way over and was hanging on my back.
Oh well, I have seen medical documentation that leaches can be advantageous so I guess having one of my own isn't so bad!

Today L-boy did have one very contented moment.

One moment where he was perfectly fine with me not being in his direct line of sight.

It was bliss.

He was playing "kitchen" with S-girl in her room.

Upon entering her room, it became clear as day. He was pleased as punch. No wonder I hadn't heard that mommy-don't-you-dare-leave-me whine in at least 10 minutes.

You might ask, where was S-girl during all of this?

Well, she was playing kitchen, of course! How was she suppose to see what King Toot was doing 3 feet from her!

4 year olds!! You can't trust em!

Yum..I detect a sweet flavor with fruity undertones.

Pink is my color..

Imagine what S-girls bookshelf and floor looked like...

Yes, I am pretty much as proud as I can be!
On second thought, this is nothing compared to the stunts that C-boy pulled when he was little. That's a whole weeks worth of posts!


S.I.F. said...

So precious! The pictures definitely pulled it all together! Had laughing in tears...

Pineapple Princess said...

I just found your blog. What a gem! I'm a new follower! :)

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i found your blog from blog frog. i wanted to comment on your name "peanut gallery". i love it. if my husband saw it he would love it. he loves that phrase. yesturday my friends daughter was here and i said you crack me up. she looked up my husband and said you crack me up. he said, "hey, i do not need comments from the peanut gallery

Julie said...

Pam, too funny. My dad use to always say that to us!!

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