Monday, January 25, 2010

Texture talk....

S-girl and I had a little photo shoot yesterday. I am taking a beginner photography class and our assignment was to pick one subject and shoot from all angles, in all different light, with different settings. S-girl is the perfect subject! She loves to pose for the camera. In fact, it is almost impossible to get a candid because the minute she sees the camera pointed her way, she flashes a huge smile. But what a smile it is.

Anyway, below is the straight out of the camera version. But a girl's gotta "play" a little. I'm a big fan of texture. Shadowhouse Creations has a boatload of gorgeous textures. And best of all, they are FREE.

before shadowhouse
Straight out of the camera

summer field 2

After using one layer of Buttermilk in Soft light mode at 50% opacity
and one layer of Peach in Linear burn at 40%

Both of these textures are from the Heavenly Vintage set.

Isn't the picture warm and peachy now!

I love me some photoshop!


Eileen said...

Oh, so pretty!!

I've got to learn Photoshop. I just have "Elements", will those layers work on that too?

Oh, and your model is just stunning. I don't have a single child who I would call a "willing" model. They have to be seriously bribed. That's probably why I take a lot of pictures of either flowers or my slug of a dog, Olaf.

Pineapple Princess said...

Love the tones!!

The Spear Clan said...

Love your pics Julie! I also have gone on the link on your blog to adopting special needs kids in China, thanks for the great link!!

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