Friday, January 8, 2010

My own personal Klingon....

Oh my, he scares me.

MY Klingon (cling-on) is so much there!!

He especially comes out to play at the dinner hour when his mother is trying to feed her hungry family.

As she scurries around the kitchen, he holds on to her leg, making the act of scurrying quite difficult!

On this particular day, his poor sweet mother was trying to capture a sweet picture of his dear sister.

However, "Klingon" rather enjoys being the center of attention.

Don't let that innocent smile fool you!

Uh huh...that cute little smile is beginning to fade...."Just one minute my sweet little pumpkin, Mommy is trying to get a picture of sissy.."

"You've gotta be kiddin' me, mommy! Then I'll just pull your elastic waisted, brown pants down!" (Yes, high fashion right here in my own home!)

Now I'm trying to hold my pants up with one hand and take the picture with the other hand.

Let's take a brief moment to see that sweet moment, said mommy is trying to capture.

Oh...well...horrible lighting, gloomy day, no sunlight shining through the fog and rain.

-------------HOLD THE PHONE--------------------------

Wait one minute.

It is not raining.

It is not foggy.

Then why all the hazy, foggy, drippy.....

Oh, lovely.

How did that happen?

We caught S-girl licking the wall the other day.

She was just being a horse, that's all.

It almost looks as if a large area of the window has been licked???

It has become quite apparent that something needs to be done, and quick.

Where is the maid when you need her!

Oh wait, I just woke up from that dream.

We don't have a maid.

And now, back to the previous topic...

My Klingon is not one to mince words.

Up means...UP NOW!!

Okay, Okay, Okay, I'll pick you up right after you clean that appalling, begrimed window.

On second thought, come on up, it's been at least 5 minutes since that left hip of mine has had YOU resting on it!

I love my "Klingon", Yes I do!

The End


Dan and Shell said...

How funny!! Lukey loves his mama!! But as you already know with your other kiddos, he will only cling to your hip for so long so soak it up while you can :)

Julie said...

Hey Shell,
Don't I know it!! It goes by way too fast! How is that blog of yours coming :)!

Linda said...

I love it--I wish I was close enough to spell you off a bit! Our gkids are sure cute!!

Lisa Curcio said...

Too cute! I have always called my kids "Klingons" when they get like that too :)

Julie said...

Mom...wouldn't that be fun!! You could watch the kids while I cleaned my windows!! doesn't last long enough, does it! Pretty sure he will soon be pushing me away!

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