Sunday, January 3, 2010

For unto us...

A Child is born!

Christmas has come and gone.

It seems to do that every year. It's sad but true.

But the time spent with family is always rich.

And it is also a wonder that all of my boys...including the big one...celebrate a birthday in the grand month of December.

My I just take this moment to say..."Yes, I am tired!"

But I am also so thankful!

Little boy in awe...

And now I would like to take a brief moment to thank those who started giving gifts, for the very first time, during this fine month of December......

O.K...he isn't giving any gifts. But he does protect the ladies!

Ladies....for the bounty that we are about to receive...we thank you........

Scrambled...or sunny side up??

Aunt Jenny(Santa baby) giving her own little Christmas to all the nephews and nieces.

As quoted by Jenny, "It all turned out better than I could have ever imagined!!"

We love Aunt Jenny!!

Christmas morning. Hmmm...Hair???

Big brother helping little brother with his very first stalking. O.K., the stalking was a little big for the 6 little animals it held. But L-boy was enthralled with each one.


Rockin' her new pink guitar.

Thanks Gran and Grandpa.

"Hmmm", says L-boy, "I'm gettin' into this present thing"



And peace to all men...

May we never forget......


Julie said...

seeing how this works

Anonymous said...
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Eileen said...

Julie, I'm so glad I found your blog! S-girl is looking so grown up and I'm shocked that Little L isn't a redhead! I sent you guys a Christmas card, but I must have used an old address because it was sent back. Unfortunately, I'd already sent it and assumed it was fine when I got yours and threw away the envelope. Darn.

Maya has only three shots left to finish out her year of interferon! Lyle is planning to make a huge syringe-shaped pinata to add to the festivities. Too bad you aren't should be quite a party!

I'm loving your pictures. I desperately need to take a class because I know about 1/10 of what there is to know about my camera. And photoshop? Well, I opened it and immediately closed it because it intimidated me that much!

Those chickens that I see....I'll keep that information to myself. Lyle keeps showing me plans he has to build a hen house and I keep telling him NO POULTRY!

Sorry for the long comment. It's been a while!

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