Saturday, January 9, 2010


J-boy turned 6!

On new years eve that is!

This picture was taken yesterday.

He was crowned with this on his "classroom" birthday celebration.

Apparently, the celebration lasts all week!

He came home from school on Monday and informed me that the whole class would be celebrating his birthday on Tuesday. Therefore, I was responsible for sending a special class treat!

Jed often comes home with interesting ideas about what is going to be happening at school. So I wasn't completely sure if this was one of those interesting ideas!

A call was made to his teacher. A message was left. No response.

So, to avoid ending up being the DUD parents who don't bring their kid the cool treat on their birthday celebration day...

We brought a treat...JUST IN CASE!

D-man dropped him off that morning and privately mentioned to the teacher what Jed's hopes were for that day.

She smiled and said.."Good to know, I guess we will be celebrating Jed's birthday today!"

Bless her!

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