Tuesday, January 12, 2010

52 weeks...

I have been mulling over what my new years resolutions are. I usually don't make any. But my friend Shannon shared a great idea about just choosing one word. That word becomes your resolution. I loved that idea. She posted a list of words. I was inspired. Well, that was a couple weeks ago and I still haven't chosen a word. I'm workin' on it though....so stay tuned! ha

My rockin' husband recently gifted me with a lovely Nikon dSLR camera. I have been taking pictures for a long time and finally decided that I like doing it enough to move on up in the world of cameras. I am so glad I did. I am delighted with my new camera and I am inspired to take more pictures. One thing that I notice as I browse through my ever growing picture files, is that I don't have many pictures of ME with the kids or D-man. So, I decided to join a flickr group which is called 52 weeks with mom! The assignment is to take one picture a week with one of my kids or my HOT husband! So this should be fun. I've recently noticed some new lines forming on my face and my teeth are starting to yellow. Whenever I see a photo of me I wonder if my teeth really look that crooked in real life! D-man laughs at me. And then I always make the comment that I'm getting braces. But who wants to wear braces when they are 36 years old! Not me. Maybe I'll have to look into Invisalign! Or, maybe not!

So, by making this public, I am hoping that I will be inspired to choose my word and get in the picture more often!

What are your resolutions???

I'd love to hear!

Oh yes, a nice reminder that we all fade. But there is one thing that never fades!


Eileen said...

So what kind of camera did you get? I'm dying to know because I've been looking around. I have a D-40, which I've loved, but most of the lenses I want won't autofocus on it. To get the lenses that DO autofocus, I'd have to pay a fortune. It would actually be cheaper to move up to say....a D90, which is what I'm thinking I might do.

I have a full day photography seminar coming up in the beginning of February and I want to be ready. It's going to be WAY over my head, but a friend of mine is doing it and gave me an incredible deal on this pricey event. The thing that worries me most is that they're going to have models come in: Seniors, ( in high school--when she first said "seniors" I thought she meant elderly people!) and couples for two hours of photo shoot time. I've never taken pictures of anyone except my kids and husband. What the heck am I supposed to say to these couples to get a cute picture? "Smile" is the only thing I'm coming up with. Lyle told me I should tell the husband to whisper sweet nothings in his wife's ear. That makes me blush just thinking about it.

Anyway, sorry for the marathon comment....but I'm thinking maybe I should have my new camera BEFORE the seminar. That makes sense, don't you think? I'm sure you'd be supportive.

Julie said...

Yes, for sure you NEED the new camera!! Be sure and show this comment to Lyle!! ha ha.
I think I would prefer senior citizens. You are very brave, indeed!! I emailed you!

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