Monday, June 28, 2010

Notes from the "fickle" blogger.

"WHAT....She's back??"

Did I take the words right out of your mouth?
Sorry, I have a way of doing that.

In case you don't remember who "she" is....

Hi, my name is Julie.
I'm a mother of four and I just took an extended blogging break for "organizational" reasons.
Call me "lazy blogger" if you must.
It would be true!
And the truth has set me free!
I might add that my home is as organized as it will EVER be!
I'm thinking of having it framed.

Let's see....a little about me....
I enjoy a good laugh.
And when I smile my mouth resembles a boomerang...according to dear sweet J-boy, my exceedingly perceptive 6 year old.
Now, I have been told on occasion that I have a nice smile.
But having it compared to a boomerang is....well...there are no words.
Let's imagine together...shall we?
O.K., I must admit...I can totally see where he's coming from!

Have I mentioned that J-boy hopes to secure a job as a pretzel maker at Wetzel Pretzel when he grows up?
We are so proud of his high aspirations.
Here at the Peanut Gallery we encourage our children to reach for the stars.
Apparently, in my 6 year old's mind, Wetzel Pretzel is located just east of the North star!

Another thing you should know about me is that I am a bit on the random side.
Hence, the Wetzel Pretzel story smack dab in the middle of my re-introduction.
I attribute part of my "randomness" to the ungodly hours at which I write my posts.
I'm really going to work on blogging at a more "godly" hour.
Apparently, after all the children are tucked away snuggly, so are the smarter half of my brain cells.
So, I'm going to make a few changes.

Ah, who am I kidding?
As if I could ever write a coherent post with my children in the awake state.

So, if you enjoy a little of "this" and a little of "that", stop by on occasion.
I've got a boat load of it right here at the Peanut Gallery.
However, I'm taking a lesson from my "fickle" hens who only lay eggs occasionally.
I reserve the right to remain "fickle" when it comes to blogging this  summer!
You never know when you'll get a "fresh egg"!
But who doesn't love a surprise?

The happy yet fickle, smiling like a boomerang, lazy blogger.
(who happens to be camping right now!)

p.s. Did I mention, I've missed you all?

If you haven't yet read my very intellectual review of one of the most enlightening children's stories of our age,then click on over to Laugh out Loud. My review is featured there today. And if you aren't the type of person who laughs out loud when reading, well then feel free to laugh on the inside, chuckle to yourself, or stifle a snicker. But, by all means, check it out. Thanks to Laughy Lady, this site is chock full o' hilarious individuals, all just jumping at the chance to make you laugh!


S.I.F. said...

Missed you too lady! Glad to see you back!

And I'm pretty sure Wetzels Pretzels would be a pretty rocking gig! :)

blueviolet said...

I think summertime will cause a lot of us to boomerang from time to time!

Angie said...

YaY! So glad you're back, I've missed you.

Wetzels Pretzels huh! What is it they say, as long as they love their job that's all that's important!?!? hahaha. Perhaps not so much in this case...

Katharine said...

Thanks for my morning laugh!

Victoria said...

Ok - so it's about time! Logan is looking for an L-Boy fix! JK- glad you enjoyed your break, and hope you have a great time camping!

Jenilee said...

very fun post! glad to "See" you back! boomerang and all! :)

Snapshotsofhappiness said...

Yea! I miss the fickle blogger. :) This was a great way to start my day, it's always great to start out the day laughing...on the inside or out. :)

Have fun camping!

Leanne said...

So glad your back ... I showed my kids and husband your last birdier post (my kids didn't believe that continuous leaving the patio screen WIDE OPEN for hours at a time could produce a lovely launching pad for a birdie, until they saw your photos - then I think they thought it would be COOL to have a bird in the house, so, needless to say, I'm still standing behind them at all times closing the screen!) Hope you are doing well! Love this post - heading over to LOL now! said...

Love that you smile like a boomerang. That just means if you smile at someone, they'll have to throw one right back! :)

Glad to see you're knocking the cobwebs out of the corners of the Peanut Gallery! I hope Wetzel Pretzel does well in this economy! And that your family is enjoying camping!

Off to read your book review, and hoping like mad, it's the one I think it is. Home birth? Best laugh I've ever had while reading blogs!

Silver Strands said...

I found you over at LOL and actually did laugh out loud. (it's only 6am here and now the house is stirring) ... LOVE your personal blog. So glad I found you!
PS - I'm your newest follower :)

Sassy said...

Live life first and THEN blog about it. :) If there's no time to blog then there is no time to blog! That just means you have a full life! Have fun!

Natalie said...

Yay!! So glad you are back...we've missed you!

On the bright least J-Boy wants to work when he grows up!

Dana said...

glad your back!! Even if it's for a short while :-)
I blame my spelling errors on my late night blogging. but who am i kidding I am an awful speller :-)have fun camping!

liz said...

So great to see you again, my dear! It's been too long. :) have fun camping!

Chris said...

Glad you are back!!

You really do make me laugh!!


Courtney said...

Welcome back! And I do not think you're smile resembles a boomerang. ;)

Sonora said...

I have missed you! I am so glad you are still there. Be as fickle as you want. I will just look forward to any posts you do.
I don't think your smile looks like a boomerang although the picture did make me laugh. Your randomness is one of the things I love about you. I am fairly random myself so I understand it completely. Enjoy camping and an organized house!!

Carrie said...

YEA!!! So good to hear from you!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

Have a great camping trip!

Tiffany said...

Yeah, you're back! We missed you! But, I completely understand the overwhelming need to organize one's house. I have been there this week myself.

Brianne said...

I think your boomerang smile rocks. :P I am heading over now to click on that big 'ol red LOL!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Jealous of your camping! And I loved your post at LOL. So flippin hilarious! Those pictures will haunt me in my dreams - I'm sure of it!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Your such a cute and funny mama lady! :) Glad your back.

3LittleMonkeys said...

Oh my goodness you are so funny!

When I was J-Boy's age, I wanted to be a school bus driver!! I'm glad my aspirations changed...not that there's anything wrong with school bus drivers....

Glad to "hear" you voice again!

Arizona Mamma said...

I'm a fellow fickle blogger these days...and perhaps from here on out. Time will tell.

P.S. How the hell did you get like 20 something people to rush over here the second you breathed a word again? Laughing on the inside at that ;)

Love Letters To China said...

So glad you're back! I've been a very bad blogger these days too. Just not enough time in the day when the kids are home. Have fun camping... :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

i saw you on my dash board and was like Hallelujah! I have missed your funny posts and this one did not disappoint.
Have a fun fickle summer :)

staceysmotheringmoments said...

I'm so glad you are back! And I'm glad your home is organized. You really should frame it. It won't last, at least not at my house! While you are in your organizing mode, do you want to come do my house?

Seizing My Day said...

Today I finally booked KOA campgrounds from here to the Redwoods ~ hello camping! =) (KOA's were really all that is left ~ ha ha ~ clean bathrooms anyway! and pools!) *cough cough* We love camping!

Hey.. have you ever gone geocaching?? we recently joined the geocaching world and it is a hoot!! kids love it... we enjoy it... great outdoor family fun! I blogged about it right after Fathers day... just in case you don't know what it is! I have a hunch you all would love it!?? =)

ps I am a lazy blogger this summer too apparently! *sigh* =)

Tracy said...

Sooo glad to see you back. Looking forward to a morning laugh reading your blog before the kids get up!!

Hannah said...

Seriously...loved this. SO cute!

I have a love for random weirdness too so I feel like I am right at home :)

Can you come organize my life? Please??

KLZ said...

When I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist. Until I found out I'd have to go to college for it. Then I said "Nah, nevermind."

Bossy Betty said...

Great to see your smiling face back!!!

Jb said...

That boomerang smile picture is just a little creepy. But your real smile is very sweet. Maybe your motto could be "throw me a smile and I'll send it back"!

Rebekah said...

I too have been away, but its nice to see you again :0)

The Empress said...

Yes, I;ve missed you and YES! this story at LOL had me laughing out loud.

gasping, too.

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