Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I needed

I will make a promise to you.
I promise that not every post from here on out is going to be about a duck.
I promise that I will take as many pictures of my children as I do of the duck.
I promise that this week I will tell you the story behind my impulsive "Yes" to the duck.
I know that many of you are concerned about my mental state.
As you should be.
I am fully aware that a duck is an interesting, if not strange, choice for a family pet.

But I can explain, I really can.
But enough about the duck.
For today, anyway.

Now, time for a confession.
I love being a Mom.
I love being with my children and husband.
I really do.
But, yesterday, after a culmination of events..
It felt like the sacrifice was too much.
I will spare you from all of the details of my mini-meltdown.
But we'll just say, there was a mini-meltdown.
Here is what I love about God.
He knows what I NEED exactly when I need it.
So, yesterday, when I jumped in my get away car...
I believe it was NO accident...
That this song was playing.

He is and was exactly what I needed.

Don't forget, tomorrow is Mom n' Me Monday. Dad's are welcome too! Just post a picture of you with your little's and come back here and link up. I am loving seeing all of you with your little treasures!


Chauncey said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who has mini-meltdowns from time to time! Those "me times" for us moms are definitely needed!! Hang in there.

Jenilee said...

oh I love that song... and I needed to hear it, not because of my children (although they can be a handful sometimes)... I need to remember that He is in control and He is all I need in the face of this sickness that has me down right now. thanks for posting it... and the duck is pretty cute!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Beautiful post Julie! I love your honesty. Believe me, I have many meltdowns and I wish I had a getaway car! In my case it's a filthy minivan....

I pray to God everyday for patience! Being a mom is the toughest job in the world and we need all the strength we can get. I hope today you are feeling rejuvinated to take on another day!

BTY, that duck is so cute!

Rebekah said...

I had one of those days, tired, exam tomorrow , trying to study, cook, clean, love be didnt go too well!

But had some quiet time, seeking Gods peace and back on track! :0)

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes you are a great Mom, I know you love it. It has its stress

Eileen said...

I never have meltdowns. Ever.

O.K., that's such a lie! Being a mom is hard, it just is! I love the story Lyle tells me about his mom, who truly should win some type of Mother of the Year Award. She raised 8 busy children and somehow kept a clean house and amazing garden,

He said one time he was looking for Mom and found her crying in the storage room. He felt rather shocked. What did his mom have to cry about? Now as a father to 4 busy kids, he knows!

Laura said...

Okay, I'll say it...I kind of like the duck. Not that pictures of him (her?) are better than your adorable kids but don't feel too bad if you need to post a picture of the new furry friend every now and again. :)

I love your honesty, any mom knows exactly what you are talking about! God is good!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love how God is right on time and He always knows just what we need. Glad you had that little time away to be with God! Beautiful song.

Arizona Mamma said...

My mom n' me is going to have me digging through some old pictures. I didn't get any new ones this week. Sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Hoping you have recovered from your "meltdown," and thankful it was "mini." Mine seem to always be major. Okay, maybe not, but it seems that way when it's going on.

I am going to come back later to listen to the song. I am sitting right next to Andy right now, and he might be disturbed if I interrupt his Extreme Home Makeover show. Plus, I am off for a bit to do the Easter Bunny's job. That bunny...he's such a slacker!

Arizona Mamma said...

P.S. I was looking at your husband's picture just now (the one on your side bar) and it dawned on me that he looks like Michael Keaton in it. Maybe it's the eyebrows...?

Natalie said...

It seems as this weekend was the 'Meltdown" weekend. I also had one yesterday, but it didn't feel like a mini one at all!
To me it felt like the end of the world, but the big girl panties are on again, and know that there is someone half way around the world on a another continent thinking of you!

On a lighter note, you are as much of a sucker as I am! :-)

I'm not quite as impulsive as to get a DUCK...but yet stupid enough to get roped into taking a 4 week old kitten from the vet that was going to put down, because my boys where distraught at the thought of that happening!
Now I have a "squeaker" who needs constant attention, sleeps on my head in my hair at night and thinks my shoulder was made to carry her, the whole day!

Do we ever learn??
Will we ever change?
I hope not!

jamie.louise said...

Girl, don't you think "random-mini-melt-downs" should be a part of the definition of "Motherhood"? You are amazing, and so glad you have the courage to admit that this life you have chosen isn't always easy. But man, isn't it soo cool that God is GOOD!? Couldn't do it without!

lulalola said...

So funny how God times things so perfectly. Mini melt downs come with the job. Though, you don't realize it when you take said job!
Hope you're feeling all better!

lulalola said...

So funny how God times things so perfectly. Mini melt downs come with the job. Though, you don't realize it when you take said job!
Hope you're feeling all better!

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