Monday, March 29, 2010

Mom n' Me Monday

mom n me jpeg

Mom n' Me Monday was created in an attempt to make myself get in the picture with my kiddos. When my kids are grown, I don't want to look through my photos only to find that I am not in any of them! So, I'm on a mission to "capture" these memories.

S-girl is our dear, sweet little girl.
Today she is 4 1/2.
We saw her sweet little face, for the very first time when she was 10 months old.
On our computer screen.
We were immediately in love.

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This was the first day we held S-girl in our arms. Here is a short clip.
She had just celebrated her 1st birthday 4 days before.
She was terrified.
Her heart beat wildly in her chest.
I could feel it as she pressed against me.
She cried.
Huge tears rolled down her cheeks.
And yet not a noise did she make.
My heart hurt for her.
She had most likely never seen anything like us before.

But this quiet, fearful little one, had a strength and vibrance that surprised us all.
One open heart surgery, and 3 1/2 years later, she amazes us each day.


Those first few weeks were difficult.
I questioned whether her fear would ever turn to trust.
Today her child-like faith is simple and true.


In those first few months, I wondered if this little girl would ever laugh.
Today she laughs louder and harder than anyone in our family.
Summer 1
Our sweet S-girl has 3 brothers who adore her.
And she adores them.
She can karate chop and wrestle with the best of em'.
She is always "game" for any adventure presented to her.
And there are many.
She hugs us daily and often just clings to my leg and says, "I love you, Mommy."
And we love her.


Now, because I loved my sweet friend Shannon's out take last week. (you know..the Arizona Mamma)
And because the majority of photos of "moi" turn out like this.
Because I believe this post has become much too serious.
I thought I would share this.

Look closely at my eyes.
Or don't.

Here, let me crop in nice and close.
For clarity's sake.
What is wrong with my eye.
I kid you not, one out of three photos of me looks like this.
I even try and make a mental note to keep my eyes somewhat "even" looking, when I smile.

Obviously, it doesn't work.
Does anyone have a diagnosis for what "ails" me?
I need all the help I can get.
Speaking of help, can anyone recommend a good anti-aging eye cream?

It looks as if I am in desperate need of some.******************************************************************************

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He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun fun post. Oh my gosh I could just feel the excitement for you all. I loved hearing your voices and sharing in that joy. Made me tear up! What a precious precious child you have. She is a sweetie. Good luck with the eye cream because I need some seriously too.:)
I might just have to join in sometime:) Fun!

Steph said...

I love this! I watched your video sometime last week and cried through its entirety. I'm not blaming it all on pregnancy hormones! haha! So moving...

What an amazing life and so much love you have given your daughter!

I love the picture of you two with your noses scrunched together. :)

She is beautiful in every way and I love to hear she laughs harder and louder than all of you!

You guide well.

All of your children are blessed to have you as their mother.


Jenilee said...

What sweet pictures of you and your daughter! how precious!

Stacey said...

I didn't participate today, but I wanted to say what a sweet post that was! Your daughter is beautiful!

lulalola said...

I am sitting here crying! Your videos are the sweetest things. What a sweet little girl! Your pictures together are great!
Not sure what's happening with your eyes, but when you're diagnosed, please pass it along to me. I've got the same thing. I have to get rid of so many pictures because of this eye thing!
Great pictures!

Kristin said...

She is just beautiful!

Sonora said...

This is such a sweet and amazing story. I can't even imagine what it was like. It is so hard when they are little like that because you can't just explain to them that you love them and they are safe. All you can do is show them over time. She is a beautiful little girl and the pictures of you two are just wonderful. This post gave me goosbumps.
I do love the outtakes. My oldest daughter does the same thing when she smiles. It seems to be genetic from her father's side because he does it too. I like it. It adds personality!
I totally spaced Mom n Me Monday this week. I will be sure to participate next week!

Arizona Mamma said...

Thank goodness for the comic relief at the end of your post. I had to blink back tears to see the pictures, and now you have me cracking up. I do think the eye thing is something only you would have ever noticed though. I can't say that I ever would have picked it out...or maybe I would have, who's to say? Anyway...they're great.

Julie, seeing those videos of you and your daughter was amazing. I can't even begin to imagine what you all were feeling that day. Now, seeing her in her pictures today, she is a happy and healthy little treasure, and you all are so blessed to have each other.

Eileen said...

We love "S" girl too! We tell Maya that she's her Guiping sister. And like any sisters, right now we're comparing hair. How is it that S suddenly has more hair than Maya? The sides of Maya's hair refuse to grow, but the back grows like great gangbusters. It makes for an impressive mullet.

Carrie said...

Bring on the tissues!! I just LOVE Gotcha videos!!! ;)

Your S-Girl is a beauty! These girls are such survivors ... I'm daily in awe of Sadie's "spunk" and her self-confidence. I guess that's what she needed to make it through! ;)

Heather said...

The photos of you and S-Girl are sooo beautiful!
That first one is so precious. And I love the one where your noses are touching. :)
What edit is this? I love it. I'm guessing it is Photoshop. I don't have it a preset? Maybe I can put it in Gimp. :)
Oh, and I have that same problem with my eyes, too! My right eye closes more than my left. I try to remember that when I'm getting a picture taken but even when I try to have them even it usually closes more then the left. :)

Tanya said...

OMG...I think I peed my pants at the end...mainly because I can sympathize! ;o) Love the post and S-girl looks like a sweetie pie!

3LittleMonkeys said...

What amazing videos Julie! I was holding back tears of joy. How wonderful to be blessed with such a beautiful little girl.

Great photos too! My hubby does the exact.same.thing. with his eyes, drives me nuts! He has "ruined" so many nice family pictures!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

What a beautiful story and a beautiful daughter you have!!!

Natalie said...

Julie, thank you for the lovley comments on my blog...

I have those same "lovley" wrinkles around the eyes as you do, but no cream is needed!!!
Everyone of those lines have been earned, and I like to think of them as laughter lines...which means we have been doing ALOT of laughing!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok i sobbed like a baby the whole post until the very end! thanks for the sobbing to laughing part...the close up and explanation of ur eyes! rofl!!!

back to the mommy daughter moment! that is the most precious thing in the world!

Laura said...

Your mom n me posts make me smile from ear to ear and tear up at the same time! You seriously have such an amazing family, you are blessed girl!! So sorry I missed out this week, hope to be back next week. :)

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