Sunday, February 28, 2010

To relieve the stress of this present moment!

As I begin this post, United States has just scored their first goal in the Gold medal Olympic Hockey game.
I am breathing a little easier at the present moment.
I am sensing the fact that Canada has a "bone to pick" with the States. (can't we all just get along?)
Not to mention that I am surrounded by a bunch of traitors.
As my 6 year old would say, "We are cheering for the Canada's, mom. Why are you cheering for the America's??" (what is he, a fifteenth century explorer?)
My dear child, it is a matter of principle.
I am a true patriot.
While I feel that Canadians are a lovely people, it would go against everything I believe to actually cheer for them, instead of for my own countrymen! (O.K., this may be slightly DRAMAtic, but it is the way I least in THIS case!)
Need I remind him of the fact that HE WAS BORN in the "America's"!
But they keep trying to sway me.

Cheer for the Canada's.
Cheer for the Canada's.

That is what my 6 year old is chanting at this moment.

And one more thing.
Do I need to remind my "love" that he willingly "renounced" his Canadian citizenship?
Is it even legal for him to cheer for Canada anymore??
I'm just sayin'!

So, in lieu of this very stressful moment, I am choosing to go to a happier place.
The beach, at sunset.
What could be more stress relieving than that?
These were taken in White Rock, B.C. last weekend.
Yep, that would be the Canada's!

sunset 3

sunset 2
I love the way the sun, hanging low in the sky, is falling on these little "cherubs".

Sun girl logo
My niece. She is genuinely cherubic!! She lives in the Americas. But part of her heart belongs to the Canadas.


sunset 4

sunset 5

Hopefully, this will help. It has already lifted some of my inner turmoil.
I think I may be able to rest a little easier for the next 11 minutes and 54 seconds.
And if you happen to read this after the game,
No matter who wins.
Just remember.
We are all part of the same team, the team called "the human race"!


Now I will kindly pass this computer over to my dear D-man, who is, at this present moment, gripping his chair, clenching his teeth, holding his breath, and turning blue.
He's in need of a little stress relief.

p.s. Don't tell anyone, but I was hoping that the Canadian ice dancers would get the gold. Shhhhh.


Arizona Mamma said...

You're so funny. So is your little Christopher Columbus :)

How long have you been doing what you do with the camera? I love the picture of the kids on the beach. It's terrific.

Dan and Shell said...

Wow! Can I just say how cute your kids and niece & nephews are!!! I just came across this blog and thought "man those must be the cutest kids I've ever seen" Love your sense of humor! Sorry that YOUR 'America's' lost....but HAPPY that our 'Canada's' won!! ;)
"Spokane Mom"

3LittleMonkeys said...

Amazing photos taken in the "Canadas"! I'm so glad Canada won the gold...however, I did feel a tad bit sorry for the "Americas"!

Julie said...

"Spokane Mom", Yeah, my niece and nephews are pretty dang cute. They have some pretty great parents too! ;)

3LittleMonkeys, Thanks for the comment. I actually would have felt pretty bad for the "Canadas" had they not won!! I mean it IS Canadas game, right?!

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