Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Olympic Experience Part 2

As if you haven't gotten your fill of the Olympics over these past two weeks, I thought I would go ahead and reminisce about them here at the Peanut Gallery.
One last time.
All for posterity's sake!
Thanks for allowing me to indulge myself!

athletes village
I stuck my camera out my car window here. See those three large buildings. That is the athlete's village. Each building houses a different country's athletes. My Mother-in-Law had the privilege of volunteering here. Yep, I'm sure she's on a first name basis with most of the athletes by now!
But we are not jealous or anything. wink wink

dance 1
That's D-man's mom in the Canada sweatshirt. She's a blast. Definitely young at heart!

B.C. Hydro built this dance floor. When danced on, electricity is created which, in turn, kept the lights on in a little house built right next to it. Did I mention that the little house was built with wood from trees destroyed by the infamous pine beetle?
Very Cool!
Very Green!
But that is what B.C. Hydro is all about.
Did I mention my Father-in-Law works there?

I mentioned in my last post that there were about 271 kazillion people downtown on Saturday. So the very act of trying to maneauvre our way down the streets with 7 children in tow was quite a feat. Of course, it probably didn't help that I'm bringing up the rear, with my camera stuck to my face. At least I know the peanut in the backpack isn't going anywhere.

050 copy
So this fine little boy in plaid is J-boy's cousin. He's just doing some light reading. Someone must have handed him this Bible tract. How could they have known that he wants to be a pastor when he grows up? On the other hand, could you please pray for J-boy?

053 copy
He's had enough and would like to go back to Gran's house.

Gran and Grandpa had a pile of pins for the kids to choose from. Of course, right up C-boys alley.

090 copy
It is a scientifically proven fact that the greater the number of children, the greater the odds of not getting a good picture.

093 copy 2
Here is the proof.

And here is the man that made our Olympic Adventure's possible.
Thanks Dad!
You're the man!
You look very nice in red, I might add!

And not to make anyone envious, but I failed to mention earlier, the hubs and I made our way to the Russia vs. Czech Republic hockey game.
You know, hockey is such an "insignificant" sport in Canada.
Owwwee...somebody just hit me in the head with a cow-bell.

Who said a goalie has the most difficult job?

It is difficult, if not impossible to describe the enthusiasm of the crowd.

And Canada wasn't even playing.
Maybe FERVOR is a better word. Or perhaps, frenzy bordering on hysteria.
Now that I have used up all of my vocabulary for the evening, I'll just say the volume in this place was CRAZY! I can't even imagine what the Canda/Usa game, played later that evening, was like.

And finally, for posterity's sake, I figured we should acknowledge this athlete one more time. Apolo, we appreciate you!

And that was our Olympic adventure in a nutshell.
Now, go turn on your T.V. and soak up these final days.

I know I will.


Carrie said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your *amazing* time!!


I know-what-cha-mean about the scientific fact thing ... we've proven it many-a-time here!!! ;)

Arizona Mamma said...

What a fantastic time you had! Your mother in law looks absolutely awesome! Your kids come from some good stock ;)

P.S. I think it's so hilarious that you called me weird. I am that....most definitely.

Carrie said...

P.S. I just got your comment - Do you homeschool?! I didn't know that!!!

Laura said...

How cool!! I have been totally addicted to the Olympics, I will be sad when they're house will be happy. ;)

You kids are so adorable, I love seeing more redheads!! :)

Shmonae said...

FUN! I loved having the Olympics in my backyard too! They were here seems like yesterday! Even after the Olympics were over it is still so fun because the venues and great improvements they did for the games were great! It is a memory that never leaves.

Carrie said...

Okay, to answer *your* question ... ;)

I think planning is the most fun part of homeschooling. Yes, I am a nerd! I tend to be eclectic with a bent towards The Well-Trained Mind and some Charlotte Mason ideas thrown in for good measure. I LOVE getting on The Well Trained Mind message boards ... easily the BEST place for questions and reviews of curriculum and just good 'ole homeschooling advice! For history, we are using The Story of the World with the Activity Guide as our "spine" and fleshing it out with "living books" and other activities I've gathered from here or there. ;)

S.I.F. said...

I am so jealous you got to be there! That is just so neat!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

haha i liked ur comment about 'greater number of children less likely to get a good photo'

that's why i have fallen in love w/my photoshop head blending feature!

too funny

Jenny said...

great pictures julie!!!! So fun to look at over and over again!!! you need to email the one of apolo ohno so i can put it as my facebook profile ;)

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