Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you that I was born in China.

S-girl's bedtime prayer always starts with,
"Dear Jesus, sanks (thanks) that I was born in China and sanks for my China mommy and for her protectin' me and sanks for Daddy and Mommy fudopting (adopting) me...."

I love how she adds the f to adopting.

Not sure where she came up with it, but I love it.

Thanks, God, that she was born in China.

Thank YOU for her China Mommy.

Thanks that she made the choice to protect her.

Thanks that WE got to adopt HER!



Eileen said...

What a darling girl! I'm so thankful that I got to watch her get fudopted! I wish Maya would say she's thankful she was born in China. A few months ago we were reading a storybook and Maya pointed to the pregnant Mommy mouse in the story and she said sadly, "I was never in a tummy." I reminded her that she was in her China Mommy's tummy. Her little lip quivered and she said, "But WHAT China Mommy tummy? I don't know her." It about broke my heart. And then she said, "I don't like that tummy. I wanted to be in your tummy." Poor girl. Talking about China almost always makes her cry.

Arizona Mamma said...

This leaves me with tears in my eyes. She is precious.

Rebekah said...

Tears! - So precious. x

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