Monday, October 25, 2010

One about the ladies

I'm sure you remember the ladies.
They gift us with the fruit of their loins every day.
EGGS...just to clarify.

But have I mentioned that they are un-refined and completely lacking in manners?

Shocking, I know!

Case in point.

The ladies have been given 12 acres on which to "free range".
Apparently they have zero consideration when it  comes to "ravishing the earth".
Yes, 12 acres of luscious dirt and grass...and they have selected the only "flower garden" on the property as their stomping grounds.
If they chose to act more "civilized" they may be given the opportunity to "free range" more often.

But apparently, that is just too complicated for a chicken.

Second case in point.

I love that L-boy is unwilling to accept the "cold shoulder".
I guess he figures with the amount of time he spends with the ladies...he should at least get an acknowledgement.
At least he's persistent.

I small "cluck" would have sufficed.
Evidently, she is under the impression that laying an egg is more important than greeting a small visitor!

Like I said.


Rachel said...

Ahh sweet boy... if your momma didn't care too much for that flower garden, goats will always play with you! :)

Odie Langley said...

He is sooooooooooo adorable and this surely brings back memories of when we had lots of chickens and I had to gather eggs on a daily basis. I miss those days.

Angie said...

hahaha - too cute! We took Owen to see chickens by my mom's house and he FREAKED out... scared the crap out of him! LOL

Leanne said...

Absolutely the SWEETEST video I've ever seen . . . for the record, I would have done my best chicken impersonation and thrown a 'cluck' in the direction of those 'rude' birdies. You know, you can dress them up, but you can't take those chickens anywhere. bah dum dum (I'm giving you my best stuff this morning ... it's early ... imagine what my coworkers will be subjected to today. Now I have chicken on the brain!!!)

Melis said...

Hahahahaha - so cute! How hard is it to have chickens around? I'm trying to convince hubs that since we're moving to a really REALLY rural area, we should get chickens. He is NOT on board. Help a sista out. (I also want to forgo the dog thing and get a pot belly pig. But that's another story.)

Sarah Halstead said...

Ha ha! Too cute!

Katharine said...

How sweet...I have to confess to being envious, I have always wanted chickens. They don't allow them in the city. Especially not on our 50x100 lot. I've asked.

lila Check said...

hahaha...this is so lovely...lovely glimpse on your sweet life.
thanks for sharing.

lila Check said...

a lovely spread of glimpses of your sweet life...gorgeous.
so gald you are sharing it with us!

Heather said...

So cute! :)
I know all about chickens and how they have so much space to roam but choose to be up by the house.
My mom used to have chicken and they were always on her porch and deck and in the flower beds. Silly chickens. :)

Lovin Lane said...

ahh too sweet....

Eileen said...

L-Boy is too cute. I'm not surprised he's attempting to climb in with the chickens. Isn't this the same boy who's been found standing in the toilet?

Dana said...

love it! Even with them being rude i wish we had some....One day...

Tara said...

LOL, isn't that always the way...12 acres and they pick there!!! L-boy is too cute!

Natalie said...

That is so darn cute!!

And your chickens are like our dogs - they have the whole yard to run amuck in, and all they want to do is trample through the flowers. Argh!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Love the video....can he get any cuter?! Did you have to stop because he was about to climb in there?!

Those rude chickens, messin' up your purdy garden! They better be laying some good eggs!

Liz said...

Poor, Sweet L-Boy! I wish those ladies would throw him a bone every now and then.

Tanya said...

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! SOOOOOOOOOOOO redunkulously cute!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Life lessons right there.

Chickens creep me out - I think it's their feet. They look super dangerous. And gross.

Taste good though. Chickens. Not the feet.

Love Letters To China said...

Oh my goodness he is so adorable! I am such a city girl....I wouldn't have the first clue of what to do with those chickens. That is such a wonderful experience for your kids. :-)


Courtney said...

Hysterical! I LOVE it. Such a sweetie pie, Julie!

LKP said...

lol. same story with our rooster! his ladies still haven't shown up yet, since mr LKP hasn't got a good winter-worthy hen house assembled yet. but rodney the rooster has 7 acres to do as he pleases with, yet he won't leave the close proximity of the house, the deck, or the yard. poops everywhere! drives me nuts. :( i'm thinking he needs hens soon so he'll have a reason to stay in his temporary chicken run.

lulalola said...

The avian population as a whole has no manners! Love the video! He's giving her chance upon chance to be polite!

Jennifer said...

I had to read this post when my husband wasn't watching. He wants chickens and I don't. ha! He would use this post to show me how cute they are. Of course I could use it to show how messy they are. :) Great photos!

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