Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Almost post!

Well, I had high aspirations for blogging about our Grand Canyon experience. 
Yet, it seems that my offspring had other plans for my life.
D-man's Great Escape 2010 has been jammed packed with adventure.
And I am beginning to think that my children are adventure junkies.
Seriously, I kid you not, J-boy started hyperventilating as we left the condo this morning.
He literally had to practice the deep breathing technique which I had conveniently taught him a few nights before during the hurling/nausea episode.
He was just so crushed about leaving.
The very thought of it made him sick all over again.
C-boy has gone from smiling to wailing on a number of occasions today.
When we pulled into the parking lot of the new hotel we are staying at tonight, S-girl starting cheering and chanting, "Yay, we get to live here...Yay, we get to live here!".
Thankfully, my children are not dramatic.
I'm not sure what I would do if they were!
I am beginning to wonder if I should take it personally that the thought of "going home" is so distasteful to them.
And finally...the grand finale...the icing on the cake...the cherry on the top...L-boy has not eaten in 2 days and is running a high fever.
How high, you ask?
We fried an egg on his back last night.
Truly I have no idea.
This mom didn't plan for the "what ifs" on this journey.
I'm only human.
And an unorganized one at that!
But he's hot, and just moans and whines non-stop.
I thought I'd insert his picture right here. 
Because he's cute.
And it's just sitting in my picture file, with no place to go.
So you'd understand why I can't do a whoppin' Grand Canyon post.
He's to blame.
But how can you fault that face?
I'm actually sitting in the bed at our hotel room, all lights off, everyone asleep.
And you know what?
I'm plum tuckered out.
Traveling across the Arizona/Utah territories in a covered wagon with sick children ain't easy.
Oh wait..that's the book I'm reading.

So I'll leave you with these.
Just so you know we were there.

I'm turnin' in for the night.
We've got high aspirations for tomorrow.
This wagon train's hittin' Bryce Canyon!


Angie said...

What a sweet picture of L-Boy...
Amazing family picture too. The canyon shots are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I'd love to go visit it someday.
I'm happy that your kids are having so much fun :) said...

Precious little sick thing! God love him! Frying an egg on his back! You crack me up!
I'm just like your kids, I have never been homesick. It's a nice home, but I'd rather be on the road, any day!
The pictures are great! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

:( Poor sick wittle one!

I love your kids and you are so funny! :)

The Canyon photos are really good.

DebM said...

That picture of your sick little one is precious. SO SORRY about everyone being SO sick!! Looks like you guys have made the best of things though and I just love reading your posts!!!

alicia said...

Well, any which way you look at it-you are getting one adventure or another. Good luck!

alicia @ a beautiful mess

3LittleMonkeys said...

Awww...sorry to hear about L-boy. I hope he is feeling better soon.

Those are some amazing pictures of the Canyon. Wow! Makes me want to go there right NOW!

Safe journeys.

Melissa said...

Oh man, I sure hope that L boy recovers and is doing better today for you all to enjoy this trip. I do love your sense of humor about it! It gets you through doesn't it!!!?? Take care...can't wait to see how today went!

Natalie said...

Okay, even though the little guy is sick, such a sweet picture! Thank you for sharing your family pics! I feel like I'm getting to "know" you :)
Happy Mother's Day!

bbcd mama said...

Poor little guy! He looks so miserable, yet is so adorable at the same time. you guys will have so many fabulous memories of this trip, and i'm so curious to hear what he has planned for next year!

Laura said...

Oh no, poor L Boy, I'm sorry! I hope he's feeling better.

The pictures are great, your family is precious!

Bossy Betty said...

Oh yes. You're a Mama for sure!

Love the picture! Hope everyone is happy and healthy tomorrow!

He & Me + 3 said...

Get out! I am saying a prayer for your little man now. Poor thing. Well, I love your attitude about the whole trip. Beautiful pictures.
Happy Mother's Day!

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