Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

We wondered if they were ever going to make their entrance.
Or was our little boy always going to be a toothless wonder?
He's had these teeth for about a month.
I am almost positive this is the first time I have actually been able to capture them.
They are taking their sweet time to come down.
Or maybe he'll just have "short" teeth?
But, I tell ya...the space between those pearly whites is wide enough to curl up and take a nap there.
And I just might do it.

Who's teeth are you callin' short, Mom??

p.s. L-boy is 16 months old and only has his two top and bottom teeth.
To my surprise, his top left molar is breaking through.
What's up with that?
Where oh where are all of his other teeth?
Should I start scrimping and saving for implants?
Ahem...tooth implants that is.

Don't forget, tomorrow is Mom n' Me Monday.
I would love to see your smiling faces! a visit to Stefanie at Ni Hao Ya'll for more Sunday Snapshots.

Ni Hao Y'all


Rebekah said...

Bless the lickle vampire! said...

I'm telling you, this child is darling! With short teeth as well as long! My Mack has tiny teeth. And now that a couple of permanent teeth are coming in, I can see some orthodontics in our near future.

Heidi said...

OMG, these pics are too cute for words! Dont get me started on teeth, they come so s-l-o-w on my side of the family. My kids didnt get their 1st tooth until 11 mos or until their 1st bday. AND my sisters daughter still didnt have ANY teeth by 14 mos! Today she's in college and has a beautiful set! So Im just sure their in there somewhere!

I just love popping in to read your blog, I always leave with a smile on my face (and lately Ive been needing one!) Thanks :) and hugs to all your littleones tonight, you are truly blessed.
Heidi & Jack.

*Jess* said...

oh my goodness, that picture of him with spaghetti coming out of his mouth is priceless! I love it!!

So, my friend CJ's first child was 15 months old before getting a single tooth. She even took him to the dentist to get x-rays to see if he even HAD baby teeth in there! He did, and slowly and surely they all came in. But he's 9 now and still hasn't lost a tooth. His adult ones are in there, but not ready to come. Some people are just late teethers I guess!

Precious 3 said...

How adorable! My son had only 4 teeth till he was 17 months old. I worked in a daycare, and would look in amazement at the 9 month old babies that had 10 teeth! I would have to warn his teacher to cut his food into small bites, because she was not used to a toddler with so few teeth, haha. I too wondered if he was ever going to grow anymore teeth! I bet your son will be catching up quick.

Victoria said...

Thats too funny! Logan is 13m, and has NO teeth! The doctor said if she didn't have any by 20m, they would do xrays????? That baffles me...I mean, she has to have teeth...right!? At least I know L-Boy is a cute toothless wonder too!

Natalie said...

And I thought my twins were slow in the teeth department! No bottom teeth yet? Does he have a hard time eating? Hopefully he'll get some long teeth soon :)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Does that make it hard to find things he can eat, or does he just work it out? I was always so glad when the kiddos got all their teeth so they could eat anything.

Cute, cute teeth! I love his big eyes!

Dana said...

I love it. My Molly is 14 months and also has that beautful gap between her two front teath. She also has a little buck tooth going on with those two front ones. Have a great sunday!

Bossy Betty said...

Beautiful pictures of a real cutie! Those eyes are just gorgeous!

Kate said...

Oh my word! He is adorable!! Love his eyes and your sense of humour ;-)

Arizona Mamma said...

Colton was the same way! He had four teeth forever...then his molars started coming in the back, and now he has loads. His canine teeth are still trying to push through, but he has molars behind them, and the teeth right next to them. Crazy. Oh, and he had a HUGE space between his front two, but now they are not only together, but crowded. I see braces in his future.

Laura said...

Wow!! That's suppose to mean he is going to have really good strong teeth thought right? Besides, who needs teeth when you have eyes like those, amazing!

Carrie said...

How cute is he?!?!

Love that second pic, especially - look at those eyes!!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh he is just so cute! I love that second photo! I'm sure the rest of his teeth are just chilling and waiting to make their big entrance!


Stefanie said...

Ahahaha! What a great capture of the little *almost* toothless wonder :)
I don't think he's gonna have any problems gettin' the ladies... you could drown in those EYES!!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Oh my gosh Julie, he is so cute. I love his big blue eyes. He's gonna be bringing home lots of girls one day!

My Ben is 21 months and only has 9 teeth! What the heck? He is the slowest teether. I still have to cut his meals in itty bitty little pieces. At least I know that someone else is going through this too! The implants were sounding better everyday.

Ellie said...

So cute!! I can't believe he is just getting teeth! I lost my last tooth at 18 and the dentist was freaking out about that too!

Heather said...

He is so cute!! My 16 months old just got his first molar and I think the one on the other side is going to pop through any day- ouch!

Wanda said..., that is one cute boy. He doesn't even need the teeth.

bbcd mama said...

The first pic took me a second...then I figured out he was lying his head on the highchair tray. That is pretty weird that his molars are coming. My friend's little girl got her canine teeth before ANYTHING else, and totally looked like Baby Dracula.

And can I get a big "D'oh!" for tomorrow. TOTALLY forgot...need to look for pics.

Muthering Heights said...

Teeth can be so hard to photograph! :)

Cleo said...

FYI: Awarded you a "Sweet Friend" award. Go here to read about it:
As a bright lady once told me, "Do with it what you will." :):)
Miss Gracie has widely spaced front teeth as well.
You know that old wives tale that stipulates that if teeth come in quickly on a child, that means they're making room for another (another BABY that is!)...wonder if his being so slow means he's either NOT wanting to make room for another and wants to remain the baby or you all are done??? :)
mySamuelson was born with his two, front lower teeth. Freaked us ALL out: including the nurses!

Christi said...

How cute is that?!! Love it!!

Tina Michelle said...

aww, cute pics. cannot believe he still does not have many teeth!

alicia said...

Oh My Gosh!! This one hits home. So glad to finally hear that my children are not alone!

My son got his first tooth at 14 1/2 months. It was a back molar. No joke. They were all super late, but the bottom front 4... they had me sweatin bullets. We went to the dentist and were sent to a specialist... and then at 2 he finally started cutting his first bottom front tooth. Didn't get the 4th til he was 3.

My daughter was very similar, but they got them all.

I hear that they usually get hair or teeth. It would appear yours got hair too.

And that the later the come in, the longer they will last and the hardier they will be.

Good luck!

Chris said...

awwww, your little guy is so stinkin cute!!!

Don't worry...the teeth, they will come....eventually!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

The later they come in the i have been told. My only child to get a cavity so far is the one who got her teeth at 4 months old. It was not fun nursing her with all those teeth:)

He is so cute. I love that last shot.

Laura said...

He is so adorable!! I LOVE the last picture of him. He looks so serious, it's so cute!!

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