Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Story Behind "Buck" the Duck.

I promised that I would give an explanation.
The reason behind our recent duck purchase.
In fact, I think I need an explanation for why this happened.
So I will try.
I blame "Fritz".
We met Fritz the day before Buck came to be a part of our family.
Fritz is also a duck.
He was taking his owner for a walk in the park.
At the duck pond.
It was quite the sight.
A white duck waddling right beside a lady.
Just as I was thinking, " almost looks as if that duck belongs to her", she picked him up and snuggled him close.
The kids quickly approached her, wanting to get a closer look.
They bombarded her with all kinds of questions.
Does he swim?
No, he just watches the other ducks. He doesn't know he's a duck.
Where does he sleep?
Oh, he sleeps with us.
Doesn't he poop all over.
No, he wears duck diapers.
Why of course, what a silly question kids.
Does he stay inside all day?
Oh, of course not, he has a little pen in the back yard, but he is not too thrilled with it.
This is because Fritz doesn't know he's a duck.
He thinks he's human.
At this point the duck is nuzzling this lady's neck while the kids are rubbing it's back.
I am literally thinking...CRAZY DUCK LADY!
Fast forward one day.
The kids have been talking about the duck non-stop.
C-boy is out trying to tame the hens, but quickly aborts his plan when Brewster the rooster decides to attack.
He comes in and asks if he can cut his head off with an axe.
But Brewster's newly aggressive behavior is a whole different topic.
Right now we are talking about Buck.
So we needed to buy some more chicken feed and headed to the feed store.
Lo and behold, baby ducks had just arrived.
C-boy immediately wanted one. He had five dollars burning a hole in his pocket.
The duck was $4.99.
I did say NO, initially. I really did.
But the animal loving store worker kept talking with C-boy, telling him what an amazing pet a duck makes.
I mentioned Fritz to the guy and he knew Fritz personally.
I should have known.
He then told me we could integrate the duck in with the chickens, and that the duck eats the same food as the chickens.
That's all I needed to hear.
I figured it was just like adding one more chicken to the family.
We bought the duck.
Buck, at this point, has not integrated with the chickens.
He is sleeping in our laundry room, in a giant tupperware storage bin.
All snuggled in under a cozy heat lamp.
Did I mention ducks stink.
They make a mess with their water and food.
Turning it into a soggy concoction.
I don't think I love this duck.

But, I must say, he is impossibly cute.

He loves social interaction. He's a social duck.

He enjoys a little hair nibble.

Loves him some "cheek".
I beg you not to look through J-boy's glasses.

And can't get enough "lobe".

And when he's had all the nibbling he can take.
He enjoys a little nap.

summer duck
And the smile on these faces.
Is why I said YES to the duck.
But I will say this.
If your child wants a duck.


Melis said...

I am DYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYING that duck is so cute! I've been begging my husband to let me steal a baby duck forever and there's no go. OMG. Jealous. He is so cute. SO CUTE.

Brianne said...

Now I want a duck! So what do I tell myself?! lol

Cute story, even CUTER pics! ^_^

GinaChick said...

Such beautiful photos and quite literally a warm, fuzzy story. It looks like your kids just adore him!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

That seriously makes me want a duck! LOL Hey I tagged you on my blog for a virtual Easter basket project! It raises money for a great cause! Go check it out and play along if you have time! :)

We live in a Zoo! said...

I had a duck when I was a kid. His name was Atticus.

Dan and Shell said...

Oh Jul (or should I say CRAZY DUCK WOMAN!!) I wish I had you as a fact i'm sure my kids wish you were not just their aunt, but their mom!!! Can't wait to meet Buck this weekend...he is pretty cute :)

Tanya said...

Oh my! We had about 21 ducklings (from ONE DUCK) waddling here a year ago! Now it's down to 6 adults who look nothing like a cute little things they started out to be. Don't get me started on the poop too!!! Somehow they decided to take refuge underneath our SUV...and felt so relaxed that they decided relieved themselves too!! Can't wait to see some pics of duck diapers!

Still, what a great mom to let your kids have a duckling!

Sonora said...

That picture of the duck sleeping on your son is so so cute! It almost makes me want a duck. I am glad you added the part about them being stinky and messy though, because that changed my mind. You can't deny the joy it has brought to your children though.

Not too shabby said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! This post make me smile! You're a great mom!

liz said...

This was such a cute and great post! I was "ooh-ing" the whole way through it! And those pictures say it could sell just about anybody on a pet duck with those.

I laughed everytime Fritz's owner said, "but he doesn't know he's a duck." I say that about our dog, but a duck? Really? And where does one buy duck diapers?

3LittleMonkeys said...

I love the picture of the duck snoozing on your son! Too cute.

The crazy cat lady has got nothing on you ;)

Jenilee said...

so cute! but, I would totally say NO! :)

Tiffany said...

What a cute story! And what a cute duck! You have GREAT photos here!

He & Me + 3 said...

we loved our duck too...but he knew he was a duck. LOL
Cute BUCK. I loved that story.

Natalie said...

It's the smile on their faces, the pleading eye's and the puppy dog look that get's me everytime!

But no way am I gonna fall for a duck...only maybe, most probably if I ever get to live in the country, or maybe a farm, which I would love to do!

Dammmm that duck is cute!!!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh I had no idea a duck could be so unbelievably cute!! It's impossible to say no to those cute little faces isn't it!? :)

The Spear Clan said...

Great pics and great story Julie! I can see why you fell for the duck! Good luck with the poop!


S.I.F. said...

AHHHHHHH! I love Buck the Duck! I can't stop thinking about Friends right now too, and Joeys duck!

And, I am kind of cracking up that C-boy wanted to chop off the roosters head - hysterical!

Arizona Mamma said...

Julie, that is one adorable duck...but I still don't want one! Not a chance.

I love the way you slipped in the cutting off of Brewster's head. That is hilarious!! Sounds like a perfect solution to me...acting up? Off with his head!

Shannon said...

Very cute! My mom had a duck as a kid and named him Waddles, original I know. What a good mommy you are to allow your kids to have one as a pet! Look forward to reading more!

Kimberly5 said...

oh wow, think I'm in luv with Buck the Duck LOL he is just to cute and I love the one of him snuggled up sleeping. So cute! thanks for sharing :)

Seizing My Day said...

I love love little buck! =)

and the rooster story is hysterical!

I grew up with 2 ducks... Brandi and Baby Duck... my mom hatched one in a crock pot... and the other we adopted for a small fee. You know how dogs bark at the mailman? Well... the ducks learned from Bud the dog... and quacked at the mail man or any other stranger that walked by!! Loved watching the ducks "bark" ... also loved watching the ducks chase said dog Bud and grab his leg hairs... and tail... hysterical! You will have great stories one day!!

lulalola said...

He is really cute! Please do a post showing the mess he creates so I'm not tempted. We seem to bring home all creatures that are cute and cuddly. Often, I am kicking myself or my husband within minutes. What's the life span of your average duck? lol

Rebekah said...

I love all the pictures, we lived on a farm when I was younger and we got ducks and hens, 2 of the ducks thought they were hens and one hen thought she was a duck and tried to go swimming in the pond a few times? I love it, it will be something your children will fondly remember, we also had a baby lamb that we adopted after its mother rejected it at birth, it was bottle fed and warmed itself in the lower argor !
Love it!!

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