Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Simple Salmon

First of all, there is no part of me that actually enjoys cooking.
I just don't.
I wish I did.
But I don't.
However, because my family has to eat.
And because I want them to be healthy.
I cook.
I love simple.
This lovely little salmon was originally suppose to be Arizona Mamma's Salmon Scallopini which looked amazingly delectable.
But alas, I lacked 3 of the key ingredients.
So, once again, it became what most salmon in our house becomes.
I call it "Simple Salmon".

We usually buy fresh salmon, but frozen/thawed is lovely too.
Place Mr. Fishy on a broil pan.
Do not look closely at mine.

Then make a simple marinade with 1/8 cup of olive oil, 1/8 cup of soy sauce, and a few Tablespoons of Lemon juice.
Fresh squeezed Lemons are better, fresh sqeezed lemons directly picked from the tree are best.
But, since I don't live in California or Florida, I use lemon juice.
Brush marinade on Mr. Fishy.
Then sprinkle with Hy's season salt.
It's the best.
If you don't live in Canada, then you are probably out of luck.
I don't live in Canada.
But my in-laws do.
I'm sure you could use Lowry's or any other form of season salt.
Don't be stingy. Fish and salt love eachother. And they taste so good together.
If you want to get all Pioneer Womanish, you could rub a few or fifty pats of butter on top the fish.

Now, it is important that you listen well here. (says she who knows nothing)
Put this fish on the top rack, closest to your oven's broiler.
Broil the fish on high for 5-7 minutes, depending on it's thickness.
It'll smoke baby. Especially if you got all Pioneer Womanish and rubbed it down with butter. But it shouldn't burn.
Take the fish from the oven and use a fork to see if the fish flakes.
I usually under cook the salmon.
It seems to continue to cook once it is taken out of the oven. (but again, I know nothing)
It is important that you don't over cook it.
Nobody likes dry chewy salmon.
Or at least, I don't think they do.

In the mean time, let your rice boil over on the stove.
Then curse the fact that you gave away your rice cooker because you didn't see the "use" for one.

Sorry about the blur, I got a little aperture happy on this one!
The loveliest thing about broiling the fish, is the yummy, crispy coating that it creates.
If you use butter, it gets even crispier.
D-man loves yummy, crispy coatings on fish.
So do the little nuts.

Here's the proof.
Never mind the fact that she has eaten all of her rice and left the fish.
She gobbled it up right after I snapped this.
No really, she did!

See how much they love it.
O.K, again, never mind that he is eating the rice and leaving the salmon.
He likes to save the best for last!
No really, he does.

This doesn't count.
That is yam on the fork.
If it was the simple salmon, he'd be inhaling that bite right now!

Ahh yes, way to go C-boy.
He never saves the best for last!

Really, this is our family favorite.
We love all kinds of salmon.
But this one is a hit with everyone.
No really, it is!


We live in a Zoo! said...

Lol! Love the pictures :D
And that looks really tasty, if only I wasn't the only one in my family willing to eat fish..... Although one of these days I am sure to be home alone wondering what to make myself for dinner, and then I will know exactly what to make. It could happen ;D

*Jess* said...

YUMMY!! I love salmon, so does my daughter. Its the males in the family that would scream if I made this dish!

Carrie said...

Yummy! I LOVE to get salmon out, but it never tastes as good when I cook it ... maybe I'll have to try your way! ;)

Arizona Mamma said...

So now I will have to try this one! Looks great. I am still smiling about the rice boiling over. You must be a novice in the kitchen...I never do anything like that ;) Not ever.

liz said...

we have some salmon frozen that i need to figure out to use.

and can i say that i hate eletric cooking! i never had the problem of boiling over with gas; you can control gas so much easier!


Sonora said...

I don't really like salmon, but this looks good. It is so hard to get kids to eat healthy foods. I hate it when I cook something really healthy and can hardly get them to eat it. If it was covered in sugar, it would be gone in a minute! I love the pictures!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Mmmm, that looks good! I have a simple salmon recipe on my blog called Asian Salmon. It's our fave. I'll have to try yours though...because I live in Cananda and can buy the Hy's!

You gave away your rice cooker??? Silly girl ;)

Seizing My Day said...

Yum! sounds delish! I love maple and soy sauce on salmon.. have you tired it?

Thanks for visiting today and sharing about your son!

Jennifer said...

Looks delicious!! I will try this soon! LOVE the salmon photo too.

Laura said...

That looks yummy!! I love simple too. :)

Arizona Mamma said... more thing. This title makes me say "Simple Simon met a pieman going to the fair..." I know, I'm need to point out the obvious.

Christi said...

Yummy! And your kids are absolutely adorable!

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