Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Link is in da' house!!

This is C-boy Link from The Legend of Zelda. As some of you well know, our 9 year old has a very creative, inventive mind. He also as the tendency to fixate focus on whatever tickles his fancy on any given day. About a year ago he saved up his money and bought a Nintendo DS. Along with that unit came the classic Super Mario Brothers game. We were impressed that he had been so disciplined in saving his $5.00 a week allowance. However, we quickly learned that our dear C-boy has quite the ability to "become" the character he is playing. This was fine for awhile! I mean, an Italian plumber named Mario is pretty harmless. All was well and fine until I started noticing M's on everything C-boy owned. Every drawing became a scene in a Mario game. Back in the summer he attended a VBS and was thrilled to be called "Mario" all week, in order to avoid confusion with another boy in his group named "C"!! Inspite of a very tight "DS" playing schedule...like one or two times a week...C-boy continued to be Mario. We were always relieved when someone else would catch his fancy and he might be that person for a week...i.e. Indiana Jones. But I must say, Mario has still always been close to C-boys heart.

About two weeks ago the boys and D-man stopped at Trade-a-game. D-man decided that he was going to find a "new" game for C-boy to play, in hopes that Mario might be forgotten.
Enter The Legend of Zelda. C-boy played the game and really enjoyed it. The next morning we were greeted by a cross between Peter Pan and Robin Hood. A proud C-boy exclaimed, "I'm Link!"

And yes, D-man is proud of his success. Maybe next time he could steer C-boy toward someone with...um...I don't know...perhaps some "character". A biblical character would be great. Perhaps one of David's mighty men. The Apostle Paul had passion!! Shoot, I'd be fine with Abraham Lincoln. He wasn't called "Honest Abe" for no reason, ya know!! And "no" this is not a knock on plumbers. I'd be perfectly fine with having a plumber in the family. I'm just sayin'!

Link 2
A small part of him must still be loyal to Mario...hence, the plunger!

Mario and Indiana
Just a small sampling of one of C-boy's alter egos.

Link 3
Back away...or your face will be plunged! quoted directly from "Link".

Life with C-boy is always an adventure.

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