Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've gone and done it again......

Yes. The title says it all.
I do have a problem.
I like the "idea" of being crafty. It's cool, it's hip, and who doesn't want hand made things?
I often see an item that I love.
It can be dirt cheap.
Will I buy it?
Because I could make it, OF COURSE! (snicker and a wink)
I have an amazing ability to "gather" supplies for my "pending" craftiness.
One complication.
I have great difficulties when it comes to actually starting the craft...and if I do
manage to start...I have great difficulties finishing the project.
There. I admitted it.
Let's not talk about my gargantuan collection of scrapbooking and stampin' up supplies.
Let's not talk about whether I have ever finished even ONE scrapbook.
Let's not talk about my extensive collection of jewelry making supplies. I did manage to crank out at least 10 pair of ear rings...all of which were sold at our adoption fundraising garage sale.
And I'd really rather not talk about my sewing projects. Most of which have never come to fruition. At least I have the material on hand. And when the time is right, I am sure I will whip out some amazing things that would make you jealous.

But we are not talking about all of those other things today. Today we are talking about knitting.
I got the urge to knit L-boy a little beanie back in November. I noticed that all the "cool" babies are wearing them these days. So my first visit was to Etsy. Don't even get me started on Etsy. I LOVE ETSY. I usually leave that site, determined that I will start my own etsy shop. I found the sweetest little beanies. But, did I buy one? Of course not! $10.00 is much to high of a price to pay for a hand knit beanie. (snicker) I will make one myself. Tomorrow. And that is the way I roll!

The next day, I make a trip to Joanne's to buy supplies. I pay well over ten dollars. That evening I knit a beanie. I must admit, it is cute. The only problem is, it fits no one in my family except for S-girl's cabbage patch doll. So, I quickly begin another one. That is where my story ends. It is still quietly waiting to be finished. I keep it in a bag by my bed. I am waiting for the urge to knit again. It doesn't come.
Until yesterday!
What's that you say? No, this is not the unfinished beanie for L-boy. This is a new beanie that I am going to knit for S-girl. Complete with a purple knit flower. I purchased that Sugar n' Cream yarn yesterday! Doesn't it just sound scrumptious? Who wouldn't want to wear a beanie that was created with a yarn called Sugar n' Cream?!!
"Do you know how to knit in the round?", you ask.
To which I reply, "Why, of course not. And no, I have never knit a flower. Why do you ask?"
That is what the library is for, sillly?
Hmmm...which one do think I will resort to??


Here lies the "mini beanie" and the unfinished beanie. It often calls my name. But I'm not listening. And NO. I don't know where the other knitting needle is. I have 3 boys!

I am hesitant to say that I ordered S-girl a delectable and delicately delicious crocheted beanie with a stunning white rose attached from Briar-Claire for $10.00. Yes, I did that TODAY! And do you want to know why??

Because, there is no way on earth that I could make that myself for $10.00!! Especially, since I don't crochet!

The end!


lovingmylife said...

Oh I really want to learn to knit Beanies! I love them! I can crochet and made a beanie once. I should try again.

Eileen said...

I used to make all of Madeline's dresses. Every single one of them. Five years later when Abby was born, I couldn't track down my favorite scissors, and that was that. I've hardly touched my sewing machine since. I can only handle one hobby at a time and since my new camera is coming tomorrow, I'm maxed out!

Julie said...

Loving my life...I could teach you how to knit and you could teach me how to crochet!! :)

Eileen...I totally hear you. I guess when I think about it...the camera hobby is one that has stuck for awhile with me now. But for me it all started with PHOTOSHOP. It's like crack!

The Spear Clan said...

You are a great writer Julie! Good luck finishing your projects!

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