Thursday, December 17, 2009

A huge hole...

Cboy went out to gather the eggs today.

Our chickens are new to laying.

In fact, today was the first for one of the little ladies.

However, as you will soon see, one of the hens means BUSINESS!!

Cboy walked into the house after a little trip to the hen's house.

Little boy eyes huge with wonder, "Mom, one of the hens must have a huge hole!!!"

He then proceeded to hold up one of the biggest eggs I've seen.

In fact, it was a little disturbing to me.

It is sort of freakish.

I'm not sure I want to eat it.

Yes, this is the difference between a hen who has been laying for a week and one who just began her duties today!

One of these eggs is not like the other............

Look at the size of that egg in my 4 year olds sweet, dainty hand.

All this being said...I'm sure the other hens are seething with "egg envy"!

The End!

1 comment:

Rita said...

This is great! We have chickens and we also get an occasional monster egg too. And our new laying chickens lay the tiniest eggs ever, I only wish I had photographed it.

I LOVE chicken posts!!!

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